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Low Rate + No Annual Fee3, 4, 5

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Running a small business can be hectic. Getting some help from your bank shouldn’t be. Our Sierra QuickBiz Line of Credit works as fast as you do. With its simple online application and quick funding, you can get greater flexibility and peace of mind while you navigate today’s small business landscape.

LOW rate (Wall Street Journal Prime Rate +1.25%) and NO annual fee.3, 5

Get a rate discount of 0.25% if you set up automatic payments at loan origination.4

A convenient source of small-business funds to help you meet increased demand, manage seasonal cash flow changes, and cover new expenses.

We’re offering this special unsecured business line of credit exclusively for Bank of the Sierra business banking customers1, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (only one offer available per business10).


  • A revolving line of credit with a one-year term
  • Lines from $5,000 to $30,000 based on eligibility2
  • No collateral requirement
  • Quick and easy approval process6
  • Offers a competitive variable rate
    and interest-only payments
  • No origination fees, processing fees,
    documentation fee, or annual renewal fee

It’s the Right Tool for Right Now

Our Sierra QuickBiz Line of Credit is ideal for businesses that are:


Returning to more
normal operations


Expanding to meet
increased demand


Seeking a convenient way
to manage cash flow

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy to apply. Just click here to Apply Now.

To streamline the application process, Bank of the Sierra is only accepting digital applications.

Business ownership totaling at least 51% ownership must be represented on the application. The business principals that apply will be required to personally guarantee.

A package of disclosure documentation will be sent to the business principals that are included in the application. These documents will be sent via DocuSign and will need to be signed in order for your application to be considered complete. Bank of the Sierra will obtain entity documents for your business, however, please note that in some instances, you may be asked to provide updated entity documents.

Bank of the Sierra will send you any items that require signatures via DocuSign. You will not be required to print and scan documentation. However, in the event that updated entity documents are required, you will need to provide those items electronically via email. A printer may be needed if you wish to retain a hard copy of all of your loan documents.

If any additional information is required, please email items to

The application should take about 15 minutes to complete. The application will not time out, but do not close your browser window. You cannot stop and exit the application and return later. The system will require you to start over.

Your application number will be included on the documents that are sent to you via DocuSign once your application is submitted.

You may refer your friend to this product, but please note that applicants must be Bank of the Sierra business deposit customers in order to qualify for this product. If your friend is not a Bank of the Sierra customer, they simply need to open a new business account to gain eligibility.

No, not for the Sierra QuickBiz Line of Credit product. But you may certainly apply for our standard Sierra Business Line of Credit, which may require additional financial information and underwriting requirements, including personal guarantees. Learn More.

Average deposit balances are calculated based on the lesser of 12 months or life of the account.

No, QuickBiz Lines of Credit are unsecured.

Yes. Qualification for this product is based on the credit history of the borrowing entity, as well as the principal business owners.

Approval usually takes about two business days, if all required documents are collected at time of application submitted. Once you’re notified of approval, you will receive documents electronically to sign the same day or the next business day. Once you have signed, you should expect to have access to the line of credit within one business day.

The term of the line of credit is 12 months. Approximately 90 days prior to maturity, the Bank will request your renewal application and notify you if you are eligible for renewal or not. If you are, documents will be sent to you to sign a new line of credit agreement for the next year.

If you have not received a response with a decision or a request for additional information within 2 business days and would like to request a status, please email

You will be able to access your loan through in-person request, telephone request, writing a check on the loan, or online banking transfer.

Yes, your line of credit will automatically be added to your online banking profile if you already have online banking access.

No, there is no rest or out-of-debt requirement for this product.

Yes, you will be required to make monthly interest payments on any outstanding balance. All principal and any unpaid interest are due at maturity, if the line of credit is not renewed.

Please email, and we will get back to you ASAP to assist with your questions.